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Ostrava city

The Hotel Paradise Ostrava is situated in the centre of the metropolis of the Moravskoslezský region, which is the third biggest city, what concerns size and number of inhabitants. It spreads close by the Slovak and Polish borders, on the banks of the river Ostravice with the view of the beautiful mountain range Beskydy. Ostrava is classed as an important artery and it is easily accessible using traffic, railway system and air travel as well.

The offer of the hotels and catering facilities will satisfy the needs and wishes of even the most demanding customer. You can look forward to comfort and care which will stay in your memories for a long time after your return home. Customary Czech hospitality is noted, as well as the gorgeous cuisine. You will be enchanted by the taste and smell of known and unknown meals and the specialities typical for this region.

Ostrava has an advantageous strategic position – it is situated 10 kilometers south from the state border with Poland and 50 kilometers west from the state border with Slovakia. It is 360km far from capital Prague, 170km far from Brno, 90km far from Katovice (Poland), 310km far from Vienna. The rivers Odra, Ostravice, Opava and Lučina flow through the city.


The first mention of the rise of a municipality in the property of bishop from Olomouc, Bruno, is dated 1267. The city arose on the so-called Amber road which functioned as the main connection between the Baltic and the Mediterranean. The municipal fortification and the castle were built in the second half of the 14th century. The only remains of the fortification is the name of the street „Na hradbách“ and a fragment near the Church of Saint Václav.

The discovery of coal in the second half of the 18th century was the breakthrough for the city which led to the development of ironworks. However, Ostrava has lost the feature of a typically industrial city, the coal mining ended in 1994.

The original coalmines in Ostrava has changed to mining museums and many other metallurgic buildings are waiting for a chance. The industrial heritage poses a unique jewel of architecture. In addition to industrial monuments, the city offers a lot of cultural and historical attractions, so you can spend pleasant days full of unforgettable experiences.

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